A Step-By-Step Guide on Dealing with Blocked Drains in Woking

Blocked drains are a common issue faced by homeowners in Woking and other parts of the world. They often lead to frustration due to the inconvenience they cause, not to mention their potential for causing expensive damage if not addressed in time. If you are currently dealing with a blocked drain, here is a step-by-step guide to help you resolve the problem on your own.

Step 1: Identify the Problem

Before diving into the solutions, it’s important to identify the problem. Are all the drains in the house blocked or is it just one specific one? If all of them are blocked, chances are your sewer pipe might be the issue. In this case, it’s best to call a professional. If only one drain is blocked, you’ll be able to handle it yourself.

Step 2: Use a Plunger

The first tool you should grab when dealing with a blocked drain is a plunger. Make sure to cover all other outlets connected to the blocked drain to ensure effective pressure. Push the plunger in and out vigorously to remove the blockage.

Step 3: Try a Plumber’s Snake or Hand Auger
blocked drains woking
If the plunger doesn’t work, use a plumber’s snake or a hand auger. Insert it into the drain and turn it to break up the obstacle. A warning here – the process may be messy, so be prepared with cleaning products.

Step 4: Use a Chemical Drain Cleaner

If manual efforts fail to unblock the drain, you could resort to chemical drain cleaners. However, they should be used sparingly as they can harm your pipes if used excessively. Make sure to follow the instructions provided on the product.

Step 5: Call a Professional

If you’ve tried all these steps and the drain remains blocked, your next step should be to call a professional plumber. There might be a serious problem that only a professional can handle, such as tree roots growing into the pipes.

Preventive Measures

A crucial part of dealing with blocked drains is doing everything you can to prevent them in the first place. Regularly maintaining your drains can save you from potential headaches down the line.

1. Regular Cleaning: Make it a habit to clean your drains periodically with hot water, vinegar, and baking soda to avoid build-up of debris.

2. Be Mindful of What Goes Down the Drain: Avoid disposing of things like hair, grease, leftover food, and other debris in the drain. Dispose of these items in the trash instead.

3. Cover Drains: Use drain covers, strainers, or stoppers to prevent items from going down the drain.

Dealing with blocked drains is by no means a pleasant experience. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to maintain your drains and be mindful of what goes down them. If a blocked drain occurs, following these steps can help you handle the situation promptly and effectively.

But remember, no amount of advice from a guide can replace professional help. When in doubt, or if a problem persists, it’s always best to call in professional plumbers with the right equipment and experience. So, for residents of Woking dealing with a stubborn, blocked drain, don’t wait it out. Pick up the phone and call your trusted local plumber.